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Liver Health Patented NADH 丨60 Tablets

Liver Health Patented NADH 丨60 Tablets

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  • USA Patented Formulation: Flynew Liver Health, formulated with our key component, AMAF(NADH), enjoys a US invention patent and a PCT innovative patent. NADH, as a pure liver protection for you, energizes mitochondria in liver cells, activating and repairing liver cells.
  • Liver Care Ingredients: In each serving (2 tablets) before your bed time. A 200mg proprietary blend - NADH& PQQ( Pyrroloquinoline quinone) reduce liver burden and support liver detox in a natural enzyme booster way. L-Theanine& Alpha GPC elevate brain power, soothe the mood for liver restoration.
  • Effective and Fast Dissolvable: Easy swallow and fast dissolvable tablets, ensuring immediate and efficient absorption within your body. Each tablet with a balance of components, not only aids in liver detox but also maintain overall liver function.
  • Usage Suggestion: For average adults, we recommend swallow 2 talblets every morning. 60 tablets in one jar can serve a lasting consistent daily use for a month (30 days).
  • Made in USA: USA Locally sourced and cGMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) ensure reliability and quality control. Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Soy Free, and Non-habit-Forming. Flynew is committed to promoting your health and wellness, and delivering an exceptional liver care solution to you.


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